There is a number of reasons people refinance their mortgage.


It may be for lower rate, a lower payment, or to pull cash out. Choosing the right program and right structure could be the difference in thousands of dollars in saved interest.

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Getting a mortgage to buy a home is not as hard as you’ve heard.


Getting a mortgage to buy a home is not as hard as you’ve heard.  All you need to do to get started is a quick call to discuss what your goals are and I’ll recommend the perfect mortgage.

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Construction Loans

A construction loan is a mortgage loan that is used to help finance a construction project of various types.

Construction Loans

If you are purchasing a property that you will do the construction work on, the loan will be based on the entire project of land cost plus construction cost as well as the appraisal.

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“Ed Currie is by far the greatest one out there for anyone who is interested in purchasing a home and doing work on it immediately. We were able to close in less than 30 days thanks to Ed and his team.”


- Oak Park, IL

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