Ed Currie

Certified Mortgage Planner

I oversee the team. I will generally be the one to discuss loan options and rates with clients and assist in structuring the loan and offering options. I’ll also be the one who will generally consult with you if we need to make any changes on the loan for any reason and jump in throughout the process.

Biking, exercise, movie buff and dabbling with the bass guitar
I enjoy cooking at home with my wife.
I try to get out mountain biking as often as possible. While there’s no “mountains”, there’s some decent off road trails.

Jennifer Cook Haeuser

Senior Production Manager

Jen helps me manage all aspects of the your loan process. She concentrates on assisting you and the operations group after your loan is approved to get you to closing. You most likely would hear from Jen at the end of the loan process to get the last items taken care of before we close.

I ended up in mortgages on accident (like most people I know) after applying for an assistant position after college.
Venti iced coffee, unsweetened with cream and three Splenda. Even in winter.
A complete tour of Europe, all via train.


Lynne Zaehler

Construction Coordinator

Lynne concentrates on the construction items. During the loan process she will manage the initial budget, coordinating the appraisal, and finalizing the details of the construction items. During construction she cast assist if there are questions on a draw. If there are any questions about the construction items or draws, Lynne will be your primary contact.

Pumpkin spice latte.

Rebecca Minx

Team Administrative Assistant

Rebecca is often the voice you will hear when calling me directly and assists the team in many different areas. From the application to managing your mortgage payments after you close, Rebecca can assist to find someone who can.

La Quinta de los Reyes.

Rebecca Minx

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