If you watch the remodeling shows on television or if you know Realtors or homebuilders, then you’ve heard it said that a kitchen can sell a home. You’ve probably also heard people say – or perhaps you’ve said it yourself – that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Because both of these sentiments can be true, it’s important that when you plan to give your kitchen a new look that you consider these five important factors of kitchen remodeling.

Design Choices

Nothing shows your personal taste more than the design you choose for your new kitchen. That’s why if you’re planning on selling your home in the next two years or so, go with neutral colors such as gray and white, which will tend to blend with most accent colors. As well, trendy design styles and colors will tend to look better in newer, modern style home, while more conventional colors and designs will fit better with traditional homes.

Functional Layout

A big part of your overall kitchen design will be its layout, including the location of your plumbing fixtures (sink, dishwasher, ice maker, pot filler). Note that moving or rearranging your plumbing can increase your total project costs by a considerable amount. Consider the hours of extra labor, pipe, plus your contractor’s disposal costs for your old appliances and old pipes. On the other hand, keeping your plumbing in its current location could save you thousands of dollars.

New Appliances

If your appliances are less than two years old, you will want to consider keeping them to help save on remodeling costs. However, if they don’t suit your needs or they’re old, keeping your appliances won’t make much sense. Stainless steel appliances are an excellent choice if you’re planning to sell your home soon, and energy-efficient appliances are well worth the extra cost. But in traditional or high-design kitchens, you may consider special colors, designs or functions that fit the look and layout of those types of kitchens.

Counters and Storage

The two most important considerations in any kitchen remodeling design are counter space and storage options. Including as much counter space and storage as your kitchen allows will give you a variety of convenient options when cooking, entertaining and organizing your wares. As well, kitchens with miles of counter space and oodles of storage tend to help sell a house that otherwise may remain on the market.

Your Budget

Somehow it always seems to come down to money, but seriously consider the amount of money you have to remodel your kitchen. Smaller budgets may call for simply replacing countertops, sink, backsplash, and painting, while larger budgets may call for a gut-job. Either way, make the best use of your budget dollars by making changes that not only fit your needs and your lifestyle, but also your wallet.

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