The crisp morning air, the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, and the emergence of pumpkin spice everything (candles, coffees, etc.) means fall is headed our way. And while it might be sad to say goodbye to the warm summer weather, fall brings with it some fun, seasonal traditions and the perfect excuse to change up some of your indoor décor.

Ready to experience a break from the heat and cozy up with some new ideas? Here’s what’s trending in the fall décor space for this year.

Trend #1: Deep Shades of Green
Earth colors are always popular this time of year – such as greens, whites, tans and taupes, but this year we’ll be seeing a lot of deep, lush green colors. It’s a perfect transition color from the green leaves of summer to the turning of the leaves in the fall.

Trend #2: The Use of Velvet
Velvet is naturally soft, warm and comfortable, so it makes an ideal fall fabric. From upholstery furniture to headboards to pillows, there are a lot of ways to layer it and present a plush and irresistible room in your home.

Trend #3: Mixed Textures
And speaking of velvet, there are other fabrics you can use with it that add texture and dimension to your room. Rough materials such as sisal are a contrast to smooth fabrics like velvet or satin. You wouldn’t even have to vary in color much if you changed up your texture with your pillows, blankets and furniture slipcovers.

Trend #4: Non-Orange Pumpkins
Not all pumpkins have to be the traditional orange! Consider purchasing (or painting) pumpkins in the colors of green or white. Don’t forget that every area of your home is a possibility for decoration – pumpkins look festive in your less-trafficked corners, bathroom counters or even your home office (so you can feel festive while you work).

Trend #5: Combination Patterns
Plaids and checks can bring your room to life. Consider thick and bold patterns in neutral, warm tones such as black, chocolate, brown or tan. If you want to tone it down a bit, you could layer a plaid rug under a smaller, neutral colored rug.

Trend #6: Fall Leaves & Flowers
Nothing says fall more than the orange, red and yellow tones of fall leaves and flowers. You can place them in beautiful stand-alone arrangements on your coffee table, in a vase on your kitchen counter, or in a basket for a beautiful table centerpiece. They will add that splash of color and warmth that lasts through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all season long.

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