Are you looking to make your home more luxurious by remodeling? If you aren’t sure where to start, consider making renovations to your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom will not only make your home more enjoyable, but it also has a greater return on investment on your home value compared to other remodeling options. For optimal bathroom remodeling, here are five trends to consider:

Radiant-heating flooring

If you are looking for a hot trend for your bathroom remodel, consider radiant-heating flooring. Both electric and water-based radiant heating floors are designed to create heat from the ground or through your water pipes instead of the hassle of normal radiators, which can be hot at the touch and look clunky in your bathroom. Radiant-heating flooring is easy to operate and can drastically reduce your home energy costs.

Entertainment features

To make your bathroom even more pleasurable without breaking the bank, entertainment extras such as a flatscreen TV and sound system can enhance your bathroom relaxation experience. Certain flatscreen TVs and speakers are designed specifically for your bathroom because they are waterproof and resistant to liquids and humidity.

Smart toilets

Remodeling trends like radiant-heating flooring and flatscreen TVs aren’t the only additions that can make your bathroom more energy efficient and extravagant. Smart toilets will open automatically upon approach and flush and close on their own when you depart. Some smart toilets also have seat warmers that can be activated and operated remotely before you visit your washroom.

Heated bathtub

For the ultimate relaxation and healing experience in your bathroom, consider adding a heated bathtub to your remodeling plan. Unlike a bathtub with jets, the water in heated bath filters through a heater keeping the water temperature the same as when you started your bath. A heated bathtub also won’t cost as much as some other home remodeling additions. Aside from installation costs, a heated bathtub can be purchased for a few thousand dollars.

Engineered stone

To give your bathroom a more lavish look and feel, engineered stone additions can change the entire dynamic of your bathroom. But engineered stone countertops and finishes do more than just make the design of your bathroom look better; they are easy to clean, mostly stain-resistant and minimize wear and tear over time.

Get started with your bathroom remodel

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