Choosing just any real estate agent simply won’t do when you’ve decided to buy or sell a home – especially if it’s a vacation home or a luxury property. Why? Because like any other professionals, there are real estate agents who do their job well and those who excel. Before you overlook the very best real estate agent for your needs, be sure to consider these four qualities in the person you choose to represent you — and your interests — in the real estate market.

Trusted and Referred Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents whom others refer typically have an excellent reputation based upon their thoroughness, professionalism and communication. That is, they know their role inside and out and they do it almost instinctively. Also, they are usually people who are passionate about real estate and especially passionate about the kind of real estate that you are looking to sell or buy. Asking your friends, relatives or business associates for referrals is the best way to connect with a real estate agent who is trusted by those whom you trust. And having that kind of personal connection has the potential to form a professional bond and a long-term home-buying/selling relationship.

Specialized and Designated Real Estate Agent

The best real estate agents tend to specialize in specific kinds of properties such as luxury homes, vacation homes or waterfront/beachfront homes. Depending on the type of property you’re looking to buy or sell, be sure to choose an agent whose specialty lies in that kind of property. Why? The main reason is they will be thoroughly familiar with the details of properties in that specific market such as the average cost per square foot, market trends and the amenities that provide added value. As well, some real estate professionals who specialize in particular property types have professional memberships or designations that give them access to prime property listings or to select groups of buyers.

Equipped and Prepared Real Estate Agent

When comparing and narrowing your choice of real estate agents, do some research to be sure they’re equipped and prepared to take care of your real estate needs and manage possible risks. Look into the administrative resources they have available such as the quality and size of their office, the number of office staff members, and the relationships they have with title professionals, real estate attorneys and insurance professionals. The more resources your real estate agent has at hand, the better he or she will be able to communicate and keep the process moving forward, whether you’re buying or selling.

Connected and Concerned Real Estate Agent

When it comes down to making your final decision on choosing a real estate agent to represent you as seller or buyer, the deciding factor is usually their personality – or their personal connection to you on a human level. If you can communicate like old friends, have shared interests or your thought process is similar, you’ll usually make a personal connection with the real estate agent you eventually select. In addition, that agent will not only share your concerns but also show compassion in regard to your property needs as well as your dreams.

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