When building your dream home, there are many factors to consider when choosing your home builder. Who you entrust to build your home can make or break the designing and building process as well as the final product, which is why finding the right home builder for you is important. Here are the key points to consider when choosing a custom home builder.


Not to say that new builders won’t build a great home, but it’s key to select a builder who has experience dealing with the zoning board to avoid permit delays, and who can put you in contact with at least five previous customers. 


As you meet with potential builders, be on the lookout for builders who listen. You might expect all builders to do this, but plenty of builders do not. While you want a confident builder, you need one who will listen to your specific needs and concerns. If the potential builder is not patient while they listen to your concerns, this is a red flag that the building process may not go as smoothly as you hope.


Building a home is one of the biggest and most personal purchases you can make, especially if you are working with a custom builder. But custom does not have to mean over-budget. It’s important to find a builder who will work with you to design a home within your budget. 

Be sure to ask what percentage of their builds come in within 5 percent of the budget. If the builder says their average is less than 75 percent, that’s a red flag. There are nearly always unexpected costs, so the number you tell your builder your budget is should be 5 percent less than your actual budget. 

Energy Efficiency

In order to provide long-term financial sustainability, it’s important to select a builder who designs homes with energy efficiency in mind. This is a great way to save expenses once you’re in your new home. 

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