Now that the pandemic has eased a bit, we’re starting to slowly get back to normal. For many of us, travel is once again something to look forward to, with those of us in the Northeast planning a winter break to a beach. Before you head for the airport though, make sure your home is ready for your vacation by following this checklist. Feel free to print it out and physically check the steps!

___ Stop the mail and deliveries

___ Contact your local police department to let them know your travel dates

___ Notify your home security company if your home is monitored

___ Leave emergency contact details with a friend or neighbor

___ If people deliver free newspapers or hang notices on front doors, ask a friend or neighbor to remove them

___ Ask a friend or neighbor to care for indoor plants

___ If you haven’t already done so, photograph each room and your pricier items. Your insurance agent will be able to advise you on what photos to take, what to emphasize, etc.

___ Check your smoke detectors

___ Clean out the refrigerator of anything that will expire before your return

___ Check the washing machine and dryer so no damp clothes will mildew while you’re away

___ Unplug unnecessary appliances and electronic devices

___ Set the thermostat to an away setting

___ If you leave the water inlet to your home on, turn off the feeds to the dishwasher, washing machine, and all sinks and toilets to avoid a flood if a pipe fails

___ Move valuables out of view

___ Close blinds

___ Take out all trash

___ Make sure the oven is off

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