3 Situations When You Should Consider An ARM

2023-01-26T11:53:21-05:00Mortgage Tips|

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are a popular option for many home buyers, as they offer greater flexibility and potential savings than fixed-rate mortgages. There are certain circumstances where an ARM can be especially beneficial. In this article, we’ll explore three situations when you should consider getting an adjustable-rate mortgage. By understanding how ARMs work, you

It’s An ARM Market And We’re An ARM Lender

2022-11-10T16:18:47-05:00Home Mortgage Tips|

Like a lot of people, I never thought I would see a 7.0% rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage again. But here we are. And it appears that 7.0% is the breaking point for most borrowers. Rates have simply moved too fast and too high. The result has been a significant demand in Adjustable Mortgage

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