Low Maintenance Landscaping To Improve Curb Appeal

2020-05-22T12:40:47-04:00Real Estate|

Attractive landscaping is one of the first things that potential home buyers notice. They may see the landscaping in the photos of a home for sale or may even do a physical drive-by. The view of the property from the street is called "curb appeal." It is important to make this be as nice as possible.

Turn Your Yard Into An All-Seasons Living Space

2020-03-25T12:40:10-04:00Real Estate|

Think of backyard space as "in-between" or transitional space that is a bit like being inside while being outside. Sunrooms, screened-in covered patios, outdoor kitchens, spas, fire pits and more, are all becoming very popular ways to make more use of the backyard. Making use of the outside area is not limited to only the times of the year that have nice, warm weather.

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