Construction Phase Overview Of Your Construction Loan

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The construction phase begins after you close on your construction loan. It’s at this point your construction loan is in place, and you can start drawing on it to complete your project. You will generally have 12-18 months to complete the project. The most important thing to remember during the construction phase is that the

Expanded Guidelines For Debt Ratios, Lot Loans, Construction Loans, And Mortgages


Ed Currie and his team understand the importance of getting you the loan you need to move into your new home, so we’ve expanded our guidelines to make the process even easier, and to help you qualify for the loan you need.  Expanded Debt Ratios We’ve expanded our debt ratios up to 50 percent in

Special Construction Loan Offer For Physicians

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Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or make significant repairs to a home with great bones, securing a home construction loan is key. But because these loans typically come with a requirement of 20 to 30 percent down, it’s not always an option. However, when you work with certified mortgage planner and construction

Can I get a deposit for certain items?

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The construction program is generally paid out based on work completed. However, deposits can be obtained for custom items where its’ typical for the provider to require a deposit. Items such as cabinets, windows, and counter tops can generally get a deposit with the final balance provided when they are on site and installed. For

What Can I Do To Prepare For Applying For a Construction Loan?

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Being prepared to apply for a mortgage can be very helpful in making the process smoother. Mortgage companies are required to “fully document” a file. Below are a few items that can ensure your loan application is not derailed, and will also limit the amount of documentation needed.   Income Don’t Change Jobs: Changing jobs just

Keys to a successful construction project

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If this is your first time doing a major rehab project or building a home, there will be some challenges and frustration along the way. Fortunately, when it’s all done and your vision realized, it will be well worth the time and effort. Some of the keys for a successful project are: Be Patient I’m

When should I start the loan application process?

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When you should start the loan application process will depend on your scenario and a few factors.  If you are purchasing a property (or lot) at the same time you closing on the construction loan, you should apply as soon as you have an agreement with the seller to buy the property. If you already

What does it mean to be “out of balance”?

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Being out of balance means you don’t have enough funds remaining in the loan based on the costs needed to complete the project.  This generally occurs when the costs of the project have increased from the original budget. For lenders it is important that there are sufficient funds available in the loan to complete the

Can I start construction before I close?

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Yes you can, but it can complicate things if not done correctly.  At times clients will want to start their project before the loan has closed.  Items to consider are: Permits: Permits are not required to close but are required at the first draw.  Be very sure those are available by that time otherwise there will

How long can I be in the construction phase?

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The construction phase is the period of time your home is under construction. Once your home is complete, the loan moves to the permanent phase with payments of principal and interest. Every construction phase is initially setup for 12 months. If you use less time, the loan will move to the permanent phase once your

Can I switch builders after my loan closes?

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It is possible, but the process to switch builders after you close (and before completion) can be quite time consuming.  The most common reasons homeowners want to switch is due to disagreements on costs and excessive delays. When a homeowner wants to change builders, both the lender and the title company will have certain requirements. 

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