Why Now Is The Time To Invest In An Apartment Building

2022-02-01T09:31:24-05:00Real Estate|

If you have extra income or funds to invest, you may realize that there’s an overwhelming number of investment choices out there. One investment option you shouldn’t overlook is owning an apartment building. Here are five reasons why owning an apartment building is a great investment. Capital Appreciation Your investments should increase in value

Ed Currie’s 2021 Interest Rate Forecast

2021-01-13T17:26:40-05:00Market Outlook|

This time last year, we are all talking about a virus out of China and the Dems trying to remove President Trump from office. Fast forward a year and, well, we’re still talking about the same thing. But, a lot has happened in between! My mortgage rate forecast last year was to have rates fall

5 Excellent Pathways To Home Ownership For Millennials

2019-12-31T13:40:14-05:00Real Estate|

Millennials are a huge socio-demographic group of over 83 million people. Many of them want to buy a home but face challenges that their parents did not necessarily have. Homes are more expensive. In most places, home prices rebounded to exceed the pre-2008 economic collapse values. Moreover, home prices continue to go up.

FOMC Statement: Fed Holds Steady On Its Interest Rate Range

2019-12-12T13:40:10-05:00Market Outlook|

The Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve announced its unanimous decision not to change to the current target federal funds range of 1.50 to 1.75 percent. The committee's customary post-meeting statement said the decision not to change the Fed's target range for federal funds was based on factors including a strong labor market, moderate economic growth, continued job growth, and low unemployment.

Case-Shiller: Home Prices Growth Slows in March

2019-08-01T12:40:18-04:00Market Outlook|

Home price growth slowed again in May according to Case-Shiller home price indices. Home price growth slowed for the 14th consecutive month to its lowest rate in 12 years. Case-Shiller's National Home Price Index showed 3.40 percent growth year-over-year in May as compared to April's year-over-year reading of 3.50 percent.

The Community Reinvestment Act Explained In Simple Terms

2019-07-30T12:40:08-04:00Real Estate|

The federal government adopted the Housing and Community Development Act in 1977, and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) portion was designed to prompt lending institutions to provide mortgages for low- and moderate-income Americans. The underlying reasoning for the CRA was to discourage discriminatory lending practices that inhibited low-income communities and neighborhoods.

NAHB: Housing Market Index Rises 1 Point in July

2019-07-17T12:40:10-04:00Market Outlook|

Home Builder sentiment rose one point in July according to the National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index. 2019 builder confidence in housing market condition continued to fall short of 2018 levels. July's Housing Market Index reading of 65 was one point higher than June's reading.

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