If you are thinking about building your own home, you might be wondering how construction loans work. There are plenty of options available, but one of the most popular choices is a single-close construction loan. This type of loan allows you to close on not only the construction expenses but also your financing costs at the same time. Essentially, a single-close construction loan will convert into your mortgage after the construction on your home is finished. What are some of the top benefits of this type of loan?

Save Time
One of the first benefits of a single-close construction loan is that you can save a significant amount of time. If you need to get a separate loan for the construction and financing processes, you will have to submit all of your required documents twice. Then, you will need to wait for the lender to review them both times. You can avoid this process if you combine the loans together in a single-close construction loan.

Save Money
Of course, you could also save a significant amount of money by going with a single-close construction loan. Keep in mind that each loan is going to have some origination and closing expenses. If you have to go through the process twice, you will have to pay these expenses twice. With a single-close construction loan, you only have to pay potential origination and closing expenses once, which can help you save money.

Fix Your Interest Rate
What happens if the average interest rate goes up during the construction of your house? This means that your mortgage may have a higher interest rate, and it could make your house unaffordable. You can avoid this risk by getting a single-close construction loan with a fixed interest rate. Then, if the interest rate drops down the road, you may be able to refinance.

These are just a few of the top benefits of a single-close construction loan. While these loans are not necessarily for everyone, they could be right for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to an expert who can help you figure out if a single-close construction loan is right for your needs.